Men with bags doing The Fan Dance Challenge with Fear Naught

Will you take on The Fan Dance?

The Fan Dance is a true test of the Fear Naught mindset, it will test your endurance as you battle against the distance, fatigue and lactic acid!

The Original Fan Dance will see you take on the 24km route march in Brecon Beacons completed by those taking part in SAS Selection. You’ll take on an immediate ascent of Pen y Fan which is 2,907 feet (886 m).


The route then descends on the other side of the peak with a pathed route to the halfway point before turning around and reversing the route. The return leg provides an even tougher challenge with the evil ascent back up the Fan known as Jacob’s Ladder.

Once you have completed you will receive a custom TSFE The Fan Dance medal and certificate and first place prizes are given for each category for both male and female participants and team entries.

The challenge is operated by the S.F. Experience, run and staffed by ex 22 SAS and other UK Special Forces so you’ll be in the hands of the elite and pushed to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 


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“Be stronger than your strongest excuse, prepare for success”

Jason Birch, DS and ex UKSF

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