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Take inspiration from those who have pushed their bodies to the limit with extreme physical challenges. Test your resilience but never forget the importance of maintaining your mental and physical health.

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Sally Orange on Marathons, Milestones and Mental Health

Adventure athlete, mental health campaigner, physiotherapist and Army Cadet Ambassador, former Major Sally Orange, has completed over 80 marathons all over the world. She recently became the first female veteran to complete the mammoth World Marathon Challenge – that's seven marathons in seven continents over seven days.

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  • The Weekend Workout – are you ready?

    The Fear Naught Weekend Workout – are you up for the challenge? Each week, we team up with a personal trainer to share a workout that will help you to test your endurance, build resilience or enhance your Fear Naught mindset. Push yourself physically and mentally to be the best you can be.

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Meet the Women's Army V Navy Rugby Teams 2023

For 125 years, the annual Army v Navy match was exclusively played by men. But, in 2003, women were finally given the opportunity to take part in this historic event that brings the military community together. Meet the players in training for May's match at Twickenham.

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  • Mental Wellness: Practical Advice for Dealing with Tough Times

    Veteran and Chief Instructor on SAS: Who Dares Wins, Billy Billingham, has endured some of the most high-pressure situations imaginable. He talks mental wellness, strengthening your mindset and how SAS: Who Dares Wins fights the stigma surrounding mental health struggles.

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  • PODCAST: Training for an Elite Mindset

    Ex-UK Special Forces and Physical Training Instructor, Jason Birch, has spent his life overcoming adversity and teaching others to do the same. Now a successful entrepreneurand founderof the S.F. Experience, he offers civilians a taste of what it's like to tackle UK Special Forces selection -including the infamous Fan Dance.

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  • "As soon as the doctor told me I wouldn’t walk again, I started grafting. The vision I had of my future had been flipped upside down and I was starting again from level one."

    Ben Tansley, a fitness enthusiast and gym-owner, was paralysed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident.

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Meet the Men’s Army v Navy Rugby Teams 2023

The Fear Naught Podcast welcomed competitors from the Men's Army v Navy Rugby 2023 Teams ahead of the annual rugby match on May 13. They will play in front of 82,000 people at Twickenham in the largest amateur sporting event in the UK. Podcast host, James Banks, finds out what it takes to join a military rugby team. Read the interview.

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"We're training people tactically, to be the best they can possibly be. You need to understand your aim, understand your environment and understand your body. Specificity is key."

Former Paratrooper and Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor, Coach Mike Chadwick, has spent his career optimising human performance. He speaks to the Fear Naught Podcast about how he builds tactical athletes.

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“Train, train early, and then train some more. Also, make sure to plan your training routine around the course. If you’re doing it in Bolton, for example, make sure to train on the hills. If you think you’re ready, you’re probably not.”

Cpl Alan Jones, REME vehicle mechanic

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  • Why I hike with a fridge on my back

    The legendary Fridge Hiker, Matthew Bamber, shares why he hiked hundreds of kilometres with a four stone fridge strapped to his back. He also shares training tips and advice for taking on intense challenges.

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  • Podcast: Jordan Wylie – Shifting Mindset

    Former soldier, extreme adventurer, bestselling author and TV personality, Jordan Wylie, talks about his life in the military and finding his way after he left, his battle with mental health and how he shifted his mindset.

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"If you had told me about anxiety and depression ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed they were real."

Adventurer and best selling author Jordan Wylie talks frankly about his battles with his mental health and taking a year-long social media detox.

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“Be stronger than your strongest excuse, prepare for success”

Jason Birch, DS and ex UKSF

The Fan Dance is a true test of the Fear Naught mindset, it will test your endurance as you battle against the distance, fatigue and lactic acid!

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"You could be in the best physical form of your life, but you've still got to go out and deliver on that day, during that race and get that result."

Podcast featuring Double Olympic Champion and Royal Artillery Officer, Heather Stanning OBE

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  • How regular exercise can increase productivity

    If you want to start the day feeling alert, focused and energised, go for a run or consider a morning workout. Read more on how to maximise performance and increase productivity by getting active.

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  • 10 physical exercises that build mental toughness

    Mental toughness is made up of multiple traits, but they all come down to one thing: resilience. Your mind is more important than your muscles. This your chance to train it.

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