Take inspiration from incredible people who have pushed the boundaries of human resilience to achieve more than they knew was possible.

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  • "Life is tough and you’re inevitably going to spend some of it in a dark place. That’s just the journey and it’s going to be that way for everybody. What matters is how you handle it."

    Veteran and Chief Instructor on SAS: Who Dares Wins, Billy Billingham, has endured some of the most high-pressure situations imaginable.

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  • Mark 'Billy' Billingham: Troubled Teen to SAS Legend

    Find out who Mark 'Billy' Billingham really is in this honest and frank chat with the Fear Naught Podcast on Mastering Self- Motivation: the SAS Way. In the interview, he speaks openly about his difficult childhood, how the Armed Forces changed him, and the surprising reason he became a household name.

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  • "As soon as the doctor told me I wouldn’t walk again, I started grafting. The vision I had of my future had been flipped upside down and I was starting again from level one."

    Ben Tansley, a fitness enthusiast and gym-owner, was paralysed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident.

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  • PODCAST: Mark Ormrod overcomes adversity

    Royal Marine, Mark Ormrod, talks about becoming the UK’s first triple amputee to survive the conflict in Afghanistan. He shares his incredible story and reveals how his determination has enabled him to achieve his goal of ditching his wheelchair and living life to the max.

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  • “I like pushing myself to see what I can do. Running the Everest Marathon gave me an adrenaline rush, knowing that once I’d started I had to finish.

    Jack Waller shares his story of battling a post-viral syndrome to conquering Everest.

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  • Major Heather Stanning OBE double Olympic rowing champion with her partner Helen Glover at the London Olympics 2012

    Double Olympic Champion Heather Stanning's advice for life

    "Stop being afraid to try new things and ask questions. Just try things – you don't know how good you'll be. I certainly didn't start rowing because I thought I was going to any Olympic Games."

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  • Army veteran survives explosion and chooses to have leg amputated

    Steve Owen was serving with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers when, during a mission in Afghanistan, his vehicle was struck by an IED. Steve escaped the explosion, however the damage to his right leg led Steve to ask his surgeon to amputate.

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“Be stronger than your strongest excuse, prepare for success”

Jason Birch, DS and ex UKSF

The Fan Dance is a true test of the Fear Naught mindset, it will test your endurance as you battle against the distance, fatigue and lactic acid!

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I’ve learnt that it’s so important to be aware of your mindset, to acknowledge if you have a problem and take steps to stop that problem escalating.

Former soldier and extreme adventurer, Jordan Wylie, talks about his battle with mental health and how he shifted his mindset.

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“There was a deafening noise. In the middle of a war zone the IED threat is massive, so I immediately understood I’d been blown up. The first thing I checked was my legs to check if they were still attached.”

Steve Owen, who served with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, shares his story.

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"Something the military taught me was the value that everyone brings to a team. That’s where I learnt to play to the strengths of people within the team. That's a really, really valuable lesson I've learnt for the future."

Double Olympic Champion and Royal Artillery Officer, Heather Stanning OBE

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